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Double Tap Productions is dedicated to empowering brands by crafting compelling digital narratives and innovative marketing strategies. Our mission is to bridge the gap between businesses and their audiences through creative storytelling, dynamic content, and strategic insights. We strive to drive growth, enhance online presence, and inspire engagement, ensuring every client’s story not only resonates but leaves a lasting impact. By constantly embracing technology and creativity, we commit to pushing boundaries and achieving excellence in every project.


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Double Tap Productions prides itself on a track record of transformative client success stories, having elevated numerous brands to achieve unparalleled digital presence. Our core strengths lie in our innovative approach to storytelling, mastery of the latest digital marketing strategies, and our commitment to personalized service. We’ve been recognized for our ability to blend creativity with technology, creating compelling content that captivates and converts. Our team’s expertise spans across industries, making us a versatile partner in achieving measurable growth and enhancing brand visibility in the digital space.

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At Double Tap Productions, collaboration is our cornerstone, blending creativity and expertise to deliver groundbreaking media solutions. Our team synergy unleashes innovative ideas, ensuring projects not only meet but exceed expectations. Together, we transform visions into reality, setting new standards in the media landscape through our collaborative spirit and dedication.


For Double Tap Productions and Media Consultants, delivering results transcends mere outcomes; it’s about creating impactful, measurable success for our clients. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to achieve goals efficiently and effectively, ensuring every project not only reaches but surpasses its potential, solidifying our reputation as leaders in media solutions.


At Double Tap Productions and Media Consultants, excellence is our guiding principle. We are dedicated to surpassing industry standards, continuously elevating our work through innovation and meticulous attention to detail. Our pursuit of perfection in every project ensures unparalleled quality, setting us apart as pioneers in delivering exceptional media solutions that exceed expectations.


Double Tap Productions and Media Consultants thrive on innovation, constantly exploring new horizons in the media landscape. Our passion for creativity drives us to break conventional boundaries, offering fresh, cutting-edge solutions. This commitment to innovation not only fuels our growth but also ensures our clients receive uniquely impactful and forward-thinking media strategies.

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Meet the Double Tap Productions team: a dynamic blend of creative storytellers, digital strategists, and innovative thinkers dedicated to transforming your brand’s presence and engaging your audience like never before.

DeAngelo Dixon - Erie Best - Photography - Photographer - Double Tap Productions - Director of Photography - Owner - President -

DeAngelo Dixon

Lead Visual Director
Thomas Frank - Erie Best - Photography - Photographer - Double Tap Productions - Director of Photography - Producer - Owner - President -

Thomas Frank

Lead Marketing Director

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