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Double Tap Productions and Media Consultants is proud to announce that we have been named the runner-up for Best Filmmakers in the Erie Reader’s 10th annual Best of Erie 2023 Awards. This recognition is not just an award; it is a symbol of the unwavering dedication and creative spirit that we bring to the dynamic world of filmmaking in Erie. We are honored to accept this accolade and wish to extend our deepest gratitude to our clients, the community, and our supporters who have been instrumental in our journey to this esteemed position.

The Prestigious Best of Erie Awards:

The Best of Erie Awards, hosted by the Erie Reader, have become a benchmark for excellence within the Erie community. Celebrating the innovative work of local businesses and creatives, these awards are a testament to the talent and hard work that thrives in our city. To be recognized as a runner-up in the Best Filmmakers category is a commendable achievement that speaks volumes of our team’s capabilities and the quality of our productions.

Double Tap Productions – A Legacy of Cinematic Excellence:

At Double Tap Productions and Media Consultants, our story is woven through the lens of our cameras, capturing the essence of storytelling that resonates with audiences. Our passion for crafting compelling narratives has led us to work on a wide array of projects, from indie films to commercial productions. Each frame we shoot and every story we tell is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of our filmmaking journey.

The Honor of Accepting the Runner-Up Award:

Securing the runner-up position in such a competitive category is a humbling experience. It reinforces our belief that authentic storytelling and innovative filmmaking have the power to make a significant impact. This award serves as a beacon of recognition for the countless hours of planning, shooting, editing, and perfecting that go into our work.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Clients and Supporters:

Our success is a direct reflection of the trust and opportunities provided by our clients. From local startups to established corporations, your stories have fueled our creativity and allowed us to push the boundaries of conventional filmmaking. To our supporters, who have followed and encouraged us through every premiere and production, we share this accolade with you.

Our Commitment to the Art of Filmmaking:

With this honor comes a renewed commitment to the art of filmmaking. We pledge to continue to explore the depths of creative expression and to bring to light the stories that matter. Double Tap Productions and Media Consultants is more than a production company; we are storytellers at heart, dedicated to the craft and to our community.

Looking Forward with Vision and Creativity:

The runner-up title in the Best of Erie Awards is a milestone, but it is not our final scene. It serves as motivation to elevate our work and to continue to set the standard for filmmaking excellence. Our eyes are on the horizon, looking towards the next story, the next project, and the next opportunity to captivate audiences both within and beyond Erie.

Join Us in Celebration and Storytelling:

We invite you to join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement. Whether you are new to Double Tap Productions or have been with us since the opening credits, your role in our story is invaluable. We look forward to collaborating with you on future projects and to sharing the magic of film with even wider audiences.

In Conclusion:

To be named runner-up for Best Filmmakers by the Erie Reader is an honor that Double Tap Productions and Media Consultants cherishes deeply. We extend our sincerest thanks to all who have contributed to our story thus far. This award is not just for us; it is for every individual who believes in the power of film to inspire, to challenge, and to transform.

Contact Double Tap Productions:
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